Dixie Precision Inc.  

serving America for over 30 years! 

 below is just a brief summary of what we do.....for more detail visit our main website at   www.dixieprecision.com   or call us at 205-841-8400 

 Large rollers....small rollers...?  We have tbe equipment to refurbish rollers as large as 60" in diameter and up to 38 feet long.

Covers, recovers, grind, regrinds, journal repair, bearing work?     We have been grinding, regrinding, covering, and recovering rolls and rollers for over  36 years.  

Dixie Precision covers rolls for almost any application.  We serve many industries, from paper mills to the steel mills and all points in between.  Our roll coverings are found in all types of mills and plants: textiles,  wood finishing, food processing, meat processing, printing, paper converting, metal coating, chemical processing, waste treatment.....the list goes on and on.

 At Dixie Precision , we use all types of compounds for our roll coverings-rubber, silicone, Viton, fiber, urethane.  Viton            EPDM        Silicone             Polyisoprene           SBR NBR      natural rubber nitrile polyutethane  urethane hypalon

And we also finish the rolls to customer specifications.  Our finishings range from  a highly polished straight finish to intricately grooved patterns. 

Dixie Precision is an old fashion job shop  we have the capabilities to design and build new cores,  repair damaged cores and to even rebuild rolls to meet your specifications.  We also provide cast urethane products as well as a complete line  of machine shop services.

 We have delivered to jackson, Mississippi, Meridian Mississippi, Huntsville Alabama, Mobile Alabama, Montgomery, Atlanta Georgia. Nashville. Tennessee, Florida, Lousiana, and all over the South and Southeast


 DIXE PRECISION can handle all your rubber roller needs                                                                  

 SIZE   60 inches in diameter and up to 38 feet long


GRINDS....We regrind rubber rolls, our grind finishes range from a very smooth polished finish to intricately grooved patterns.


COVERS...We mill our own rubber, so we are able to provide a wide variety of rubber fornualtions and durometers. We offer a wide range of roll covering materials. Let us recover your rollers.


MACHINE WORK....journal repairs, bearing works, roller repairs...  Our large job shop allows us to repair your rubber rollers in house.


BALANCING.... static or dynamic...With an onsite balancing machine we can dynamically balance your rubber rollers